Dental care at Assisted living/nursing home

Better Health & Much Happier Patients.

Super Smile is dedicated to preventing poor oral health among today’s senior population.
Our mission is accomplished through providing quality modern day dentistry at the doorsteps of
your family member’s community, hence providing a more convenient method of oral healthcare.

We realizes the changes associated with aging presents challenges in maintaining an oral health program. To a senior faced with physical limitations, a simple trip to the dentist can become a frustrating, exhausting ordeal. Therefore, through Super Smile, we hope to eliminate this as a source of stress upon
families of these seniors needing quality oral healthcare.

CONVENIENT:                For those family members that work/live out of the area.
COST SAVINGS:               Good oral hygiene can decrease the association to                                                                            a secondary infection, such as endocarditis/stroke.
AT-HOME SERVICE:       Patients are seen in the comfort of their own environment.