“Dr. Shroff extracted my broken teeth without any pain and she is working on my flexible denture which is in my best interest.”

                                                                                                                                                     Robert Lloyd
                                                                                                                                                         (Fairfax, VA)

My experience with Dr Shroff is always pleasant and thorough. She is always calm and takes time with me, explaining everything until I fully understand everything. I highly recommend her.” Dr. Joseph Ghahheri
“Dr.Shroff is the best dentist I have used. She has worked with me to design a personalized dental plan, both for my dental maintenance and for my financial needs. Her gentle nature and kindness shine through in all aspects of her practice, as she delivers excellent and painless dental care. Her staff is also always friendly and helpful.I highly recommend this practice.”
“She is very sensitive and aware of my apprehension, of certain areas of treatment. Very competent- nice staff, too.”
Carol Drake
“I have to recommend my dentist, Dr. Amisha Shroff. She cleans my teeth and my kids’. She is professional, always prompt, and VERYgood.
I had been going to another dentist for several years who kept saying my teeth were fine even though I was complaining about pain. He wanted to whiten my teeth and did not seem concerned about my discomfort so I switched.
Dr. Shroff is very attentive and discovered cracks in my fillings right away. She used the latest high-tech equipment to repair it. She also is more intent on making sure my teeth were healthy first and not trying to sell whitening products to me.
She is also a mom with an older kid, which I appreciate, and has been practicing a long time. She just opened her office in Falls Church and the place is nice, neat, and clean!
I had to bring one child with me while getting a filling and the staff was more thanaccommodating to set her up next to me. They do have TV’s for you to watch and will change the channel from CNN if you request it.
She has cleaned my kid’s teeth as well. Our insurance didn’t cover any of the pediatric dentists in the area. If you are in the same boat, then she is great… My kids have never had a pediatric dentist experience before so they were fine with it (and so was I!). Overall, two thumbs up for a dedicated, professional, and nice dentist.”
Courtney Desautels
” I have seen a dramatic improvement in my general oral health since coming to see Dr. Shroff. No more gum bleeding, pain or recession!”
She is good to have you as your dentist.
Jason Elli’s 3/12/2011
Highly recommendedby Alex and Helene Stolzberg, Dr Shroff tells you in advance your options, your costs and when the treatment will cause pain or just discomfort. Having Dr shroff is something to hold on as a family dentist. Me and my wife Helene highlyrecommend her to other family, Friends,etc.. We are seeing her since 2008. My prior dentist was not giving us any options regarding any treatment. Dr. Shroff did some tooth colored Restoration and Bridge work in my mouth. she is doing full mouth posterior bridges in my mouth.
Alex stolzberg March 2011
My experince at Dr. shroff was the best I have ever encountered at a Dental Office.I was painless. I had aRoot Canal done, but with very litle discomfort. I did not even need the Tylenol, She recommended after the procedure.
If you like to havebest dnal work go to Dr. Shroff.
Emile Hoffman May 2011.

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